December 30, 2018
Prayer without faith is no prayer at all. Come listen as Pastor Bryan preaches on the importance of praying with expectation.


December 16, 2018
Grace is the love of God reaching down to mankind. Come listen as we focus on the centrality of grace in Christmas.


December 9, 2018
The story of Christmas reminds us that God loved us with not mere words but actions. Come listen as we learn the importance of being an imitator of God's great…

The Love of a Father

December 2, 2018
No matter how broken someone may be, If there’s a heartbeat, there’s hope. Listen to John James of Newsboys share his amazing testimony.

You Only Have Today

November 18, 2018
Growing in your walk with God is not fast or easy. Listen as Bryan teaches what it means to defeat sin and grow in your relationship with God.

You Must Be Born Again

November 4, 2018
The Bible could not be more clear on the necessity of the new birth. Come listen as Bryan preaches this important message on the Gospel.

The Devotion of David

October 28, 2018
Psalm 119 is David’s handbook for life. Listen as we learn the importance of devotion to The Word of God in the believers life.

God Our Provider

October 22, 2018
From Genesis to Revelation we see that God is a provider. Come listen to John preach on how we can trust in God as our provider!

Trials and the Love of God

October 14, 2018
God uses trials not so that we flee from them but so that we may learn to stand up under them. Listen as pastor Brian speaks about the role of…