The Commands of the Kingdom

September 15, 2019
Stephen peaches on the importance of being a doer of the word and not just a hearer. How we are called to good works and to obey the commands of…

One Thing

August 25, 2019
Description: Bryan McCrea looks at Philippines chapter 3:12-14 at the “One Thing” that can hold us back in our faith and how to overcome it. Three questions for homegroup: 1.…

The Cross Rediscovered

August 18, 2019
Bryan explains how the cross isn't just a symbol but how serious Jesus buying our salvation was.

Depending on God

August 11, 2019
Come listen as Bryan McCrea preaches on the single greatest challenge of the Christian life: depending entirely on God.

The Gospel

July 21, 2019
Stephen gives some fundamentals we should know as believers of Christ and thought we should beware of.
Bryan expanding on pursuing the Lord and how God cares for us and following his commandments is for our benefit and to fight our flesh and sin to not grow…
Bryan shares God's heart for the church and how we are supposed to walk together and hello each other from in character.