Bryan expanding on pursuing the Lord and how God cares for us and following his commandments is for our benefit and to fight our flesh and sin to not grow…
Bryan shares God's heart for the church and how we are supposed to walk together and hello each other from in character.

Bended knees

June 23, 2019
Stephen breaks down that praying on your knees shows how much we need Jesus and how imperative that we not only do so but asked to be filled and strengthened…

Hope for many Fathers

June 16, 2019
Bryan McCrea exorts Fathers and spiritual Fathers, and shares importance of them and impacts Fathers have had on him.
Bryan breaks down 4 commissions of Christ as well as giving practical instructions on how to go about it.


May 26, 2019
Bryan expanding on believers encouraging another not just by compliments but by abiding in relationships with one another and spurring each other on.
Bryan talks of difficulties and groanings of life but the rewards if inviting the Lord and clothing yourself with his glory.